The Hop Garden

Tap Room

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The Hop Garden operates a Tap Room located on the Sugar River in Paoli, WI on the back side of the Old Mill. Our Tap Room is connected to the Paoli Mill Terrace & Park where we proudly feature all The Hop Garden Craft Beers and a number of hand picked craft beer brewed with Wisconsin hops and other artisan beverages. Check out the Tap Room hours or Tap Room beer list.

Hop Yard

The Hop Garden also operates an eight acre hop yard located just south of Belleville, WI where we grow hops for Brewers all over the Midwest. The hop yard also provides an outlet for us to host hop workshops for backyard or commercial hop growers and hop yard tours are offered during the growing season.

Latest News

  • Stock Up for the Games (1/16/2021)

    Bring the Taste of Paoli home for the Big Games! Rhoda’s Mustard special of $5.50 for a Large Jar and $4 for a Small. Pete’s Eggs $2 Doz. Half Gallon of Farmtastic or Nuggetopia for $12. Sunset ½ Gallon for $15. 4pack of 16oz cans of Red Lager for $7.00 Nuggetopia 6 packs back in stock! Tap Room opens at Noon.