Our Beers

Our Beers Feature Hops from our Family Farm and Wisconsin Malted Barley.  Our Beers are produced at The House of Brews in Madison, WI.  We are proud to produce a line of beers that are truly a local endeavor.  Our Beers are available in over 60 retail outlets in Southern Wisconsin. Read more about what others are saying about our beers: Hop Cast, Madison’s Beer Baron, Ratebeer, Untapped and Beer Advocate.

The Hop Garden Farmstead Pale Ale

Farmstead Ale

Farmstead Ale is golden in color with Wisconsin malted grains to create a balanced background. Hops from our Family Farm add a hoppy aroma as well as a balance to the Wisconsin malt. This is a beer that can enjoyed anytime and by everyone.


The Hop Garden has just released its 2014 Harvest year of NUGGETOPIA! 2014 was an interesting year for hop growing. The cool wet weather was a challenge. Cone size was slightly smaller and the yield was also reduced, but the cones were packed with flavor!

Sunset Imperial Amber

Sunset Imperial Amber is finally on the shelves! This Imperial beauty has been a work in progress since November, 2014 and features Cascade Hops from The Hop Garden’s hop yard. It pours with an amber color, a slight haze and mocha head. This unfiltered and unpasteurized Imperial will have a fruity aroma and taste with just a bit of malty sweetness.

Wisconsin Festiv Ale – let’s celebrate beer fest season!

This all Centennial hopped Session Ale is a Celebration of Wisconsin Summer Festivals! This 100% Wisconsin Golden Ale pours with a white head followed by the distinctive and hard to find Centennial Hop aroma. It finishes dry and clean with malt from Wisconsin as the Centennial hops dance on your tongue. Available in 22 oz bottles and on Tap.

Black Hops IPA

This Black malt beauty will pour a pitch black color with a moca colored head. You will instantly smell the Cascade and Centennial hop aromas. The first hit on your tongue will be the roast malt, hints of chocolate and some very brief coffee notes. The medium Hop Bitterness and tannins from roast malts combine […]