Pick Your Own Hop Days August 29th and 30th

Calling all Home Brewers, Crafters and Hop Enthusiasts! The Hop Garden will be opening up the Hop Yard for Hand Picking of Hops starting this weekend. Varieties available for picking this weekend will be: Centennial, Nugget, Cascade and Columbus. Bring your 1 gallon pales(Ice Cream Pales)for picking or purchase a whole hop bine and take home with you to pick at home with your friends! Whole Hop Bines that are dried make wonderful decorations for your home! We will be open for picking from 9am to 5pm on Saturday Aug 29th and 9am to 5pm on Sunday Aug 30th. Please reserve your spot by emailing: rich.joseph.rj with what day and approximate time you would like to pick.


Cash or Check only

$8 for each 1 gallon pale full of hops (about 4 oz of dry hops)

$20 for an entire Hop Bine.


Bring your own containers and/or bags.

Please wear long sleeve shirts(hop bines can be scratchy)

You will be outside on rough surfaces, dress for weather and please wear good shoes or boots.

Be prepared to dry your hops immediately when returning home. Simply setting them on a screen and set a fan to blow air on them. They will be sufficiently dry in two or three days. Package in freezer bags and store in freezer.


The Hop Garden Farm


Belleville, WI. 53508